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ShinyProxy 2.6.0

on November 8, 2021

ShinyProxy 2.6.0 Today we release version 2.6.0 of ShinyProxy which includes over forty improvements. ShinyProxy is a novel, open source platform to deploy Shiny apps for the enterprise or larger organizations. Nevertheless, ShinyProxy is also an excellent choice for deploying a handful of apps in smaller organizations. While ShinyProxy is generally used to host Shiny applications, it has always been designed with the idea to host any application that can be packaged into a Docker container.

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Serverless Fan-Out in Vaccine Research

on March 11, 2021

Serverless Fan-Out in Vaccine Research Discovering new vaccines involves intensive data science: the 3D structure and shape of viruses need to be matched to the 3D structure of hundreds of thousands of proteins that can potentially bind on the virus surface. We will not go into the multiple challenges this problem poses from a methodological point of view, but focus on how to deal with the hundreds of thousands of proteins that enter the arena.

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Kustomize Best Practices

on February 23, 2021

Introduction In recent years, Kubernetes has become a renowned solution for orchestrating cloud-independent infrastructure. Open Analytics supports the data analysis process end to end. This includes infrastructure that underpins the data science platforms we build. Since we exclusively work with open technology, it should come as no surprise that we adopted Kubernetes early on in our technology stack. As Kubernetes rose in popularity and maturity, it became an essential backbone to deliver fully open-source data science platforms.

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Trends Gazelle 2021

on February 16, 2021

Open Analytics nominated as a Trends Gazelle 2021 The ‘Trends Gazelles’ is an annual award organised by the leading Belgian financial and economic news magazine Trends. The nomination was not sought. It fell in our letter box. No slick sales pitches or polished presentations, but based on a quantitative analysis of our numbers. According to Trends Open Analytics is a fast growing, competitive company with a positive impact on the regional entrepreneurial environment, a real power source of innovation and employment, and an inspiring role model for other companies.

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