OpenAnalytics is a consulting company specialized in statistical computing using open technologies. We provide services and products to support the data analysis process end-to-end, across industries and geographies. Long-standing relationships with clients around the world speak to the quality of our work and our ability to respond to clients' changing needs.

Consulting at any step in the process

OpenAnalytics has in-depth understanding and practical experience at all steps of the data analysis process from the best way to collect and manage data, which method to apply, how to deliver an efficient implementation of algorithms, to design a user-friendly application or automate a workflow or which server components to choose to optimize performance for a particular set of tasks.

We are at your service

R is an open source project with a vibrant user community which is well known for being highly supportive for new comers and expert users alike.

Our experienced and skilled engineers have a passion for R and are dedicated to give you the highest level of backing.