OpenAnalytics is a consulting company specialized in statistical computing using open technologies. We provide services and products to support the data analysis process end-to-end, across industries and geographies. Long-standing relationships with clients around the world speak to the quality of our work and our ability to respond to clients' changing needs.

We strongly believe that it is the combination of your business knowledge and our analytical expertise that will deliver solutions to your problems. By focusing exclusively on our analytical expertise and supported by a time-tested consulting methodology we are able to solve problems in a very broad range of applied domains and across industrial sectors:

  • analysis of marketing and financial data
  • analysis of biological and environmental data
  • analysis of surveys and polls
  • sensometrics and consumer preference modeling
  • six sigma, statistical quality and process control
  • forecasting and time series analysis
  • statistical simulation studies

The service portfolio of OpenAnalytics is able to support analytical problem solving end-to-end and at all process levels:

  • Statistical consulting
  • Statistical programming
  • Application development and integration
  • Data analysis hosting