RDepot 1.4.3

100% Open Source Enterprise Management of R Repositories

RDepot is a solution for the management of R package repositories in an enterprise environment. It allows to submit packages through a user interface or API and to automatically update and publish R repositories. Multiple departments can manage their own repositories and different users can have different roles in the management of their packages.

  • package submission through a user interface and via the REST API
  • modern, mobile-friendly interface to browse packages and repositories
  • authentication and fine-grained authorization with repository roles (administrator, repository manager, package manager, user)
  • full versioning of repositories and audit trails for use in regulated contexts
  • built-in support for load-balanced package repositories
  • integration with continuous integration infrastructure for quality assurance on R packages

rdepot ui

What’s new in this release?

  • new feature: order packages by version in the UI
  • new feature: generate archive.rds for archived packages
  • new feature: configurable email functionality (disabled by default)
  • new feature: automated OWASP dependency analysis checks
  • fix: error when viewing the archive of a package

Full release notes can be found on the downloads page and updated documentation can be found on https://rdepot.io. As always community support on this new release is available at


Don’t hesitate to send in questions or suggestions and have fun with RDepot!