Complete monitoring stack for ShinyProxy on Kubernetes


For some time now, ShinyProxy is able to export metrics using Prometheus. After releasing this feature, we provided a dashboard for Grafana to visualize these metrics. Although this provides a good basis to build a monitoring setup around ShinyProxy, it does not provide insights in logs or resource usage of individual apps. To fill this gap, we are publishing a GitHub repository containing a comprehensive monitoring set up for ShinyProxy on Kubernetes. The repository contains all Kubernetes manifests required to set up and integrate Prometheus, Loki and Grafana.


The stack allows you to view

  • the ShinyProxy usage (both real-time and aggregated over a long period),
  • the resources (CPU, memory …) used by apps and
  • the logs of
    • ShinyProxy,
    • the ShinyProxy Operator and
    • the apps hosted by ShinyProxy.

We fine-tuned the six Grafana dashboards to be fast, even if retrieving data for a long period and a large amount of apps.

Check out the repository for the complete explanation. We are looking forward to any feedback on the issue tracker of the repository. Have fun!