OpenAnalytics @ UseR 2013: What's on the Program?

OpenAnalytics is once more proud sponsor of the yearly R User Conference and sent a strong delegation to present some of its recent work.

On Tuesday July 9 Tobias Verbeke and Stephan Wahlbrink give a pre-conference tutorial on Eclipse/StatET and Architect, the next-generation IDE for R.

On Wednesday July 10 Laure Cougnaud shares insights on the proper analysis of qPCR data and the packages available for doing so in R.

Tobias Verbeke will give a talk on the R Service Bus on Thursday July 11. It concerns a communication middleware and work manager for R that is widely used in industry to automate R-based statistical analyses.

On Friday July 12 Aditya Bhagwat gives an overview of the modeling of network dynamics in systems biology using R.

After the Tapas Break there are two more OpenAnalytics presentations. Willem Ligtenberg will focus on the ggplot2 builder that has recently become an an integral part of Architect and Eclipse/StatET. It reconciles the ease of use of a graphical user interface and the concern of reproducibility for graphics work.

After that one, Jason Waddell, our in-house visualization expert, will demonstrate some novel ways to display multivariate contrasts in clean and effective ways.

Detailed information on these and other presentations can be found in the book of abstracts.

Looking forward to a great conference!