Data scientists manage rich data sources, build statistical models and communicate findings. They work at the intersection of computer science and statistics and often rely on a multitude of tools to keep on top.

Architect provides an Eclipse-based workbench in which data scientists can get their job done, in other words, an integrated development environment (IDE) targeted specifically at data scientists.

Spend time thinking - we take care of the tooling.

Architect Server

Architect Server allows one to work with R on a remote server as if it were a local R Console.

This has proven useful

  • if you need to run your analysis on a high-end server rather than your laptop
  • if you want all your team members to work on the same R installation
  • when connecting to R on a cloud instance

R Service Bus

Having the right algorithm is a first big step to get advanced analytics solve your problem and inform your decisions. The next one is to have the algorithm work for you and integrate it in your workflows and business processes.

The R Service Bus is a swiss army knife that allows you to plug R into your processes independently of the technology used by other software applications involved in the workflow.


R packages are the standardized way of extending R and integrated development environments as Architect have all tools required to develop and build such packages. Proper infrastructure for maintaining one's own package repository is not readily available, though, and RDepot aims to solve that problem once and for all!