Open Analytics @ UseR! 2015

The knarrs of Open Analytics have left the port of Antwerp on their way to Denmark. What will our delegation bring to Aalborg besides our loyal sponsorship? Tuesday For starters we’ve just released a Dockerfile Editor which may be particularly useful for Dirk Eddelbuettel’s tutorial on Docker on June 30. An overview of all tutorials can be found here. Wednesday On the first day of the conference Willem Ligtenberg will present at 16:00 on how to use databases in R without a line of SQL with Rango.

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Editing Dockerfiles with Architect

In the last two years, software development had taken a step forward with the advent of the Docker. For the uninitiated, a Docker is a tool that automates the deployment of applications by packaging them with their dependencies in a virtual container, eliminating the need for virtual machines. Docker has streamlined the process of application development on Linux servers, and Open Analytics has streamlined the creation of Docker files with Architect’s new Dockerfile Editor.

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