OpenAnalytics services target all aspects of the data analysis process from end to end.

  • Statistical consulting
  • Statistical programming
  • Application development and integration
  • Data analysis hosting

OpenAnalytics has in-depth understanding and practical experience at all steps of the data analysis process from the best way to collect and manage data, which method to apply, how to deliver an efficient implementation of algorithms, to design a user-friendly application or automate a workflow or which server components to choose to optimize performance for a particular type of analysis task.

Our experts include statisticians, scientific programmers, application developers, software architects and hardware engineers such that we can provide top-notch consulting at any step in the process.

Statistical Consulting

Our statisticians are well-trained to translate your problems and application domain to the right statistical answer both from a theoretical and practical viewpoint.

They provide advice both on data collection methodology (experiment or sampling design) and on the most appropriate methods to use to gain insights from the collected data.

Based on our good relationships with academia and continuous education efforts our people are up-to-date with current research in statistical science and commit to offer you competitive advantage through cutting edge analytics.

Statistical Programming

At OpenAnalytics we combine in-depth understanding of statistics and extensive statistical programming skills in order to be able to propose and implement concrete solutions based on our analyses.

Application Development and Integration

The most appropriate data analysis method and cleanest algorithm implementation is not sufficient for your end users to take sound decisions.

Users need software interfaces to submit requests and look at analysis results or reports. Applications need seemless ways to pass data to predictive models which hand results over to the next step in the workflow.

Data Analysis Hardware and Hosting

In order to cut on costs or focus on their core activities, many customers choose to also host the full data analysis process at OpenAnalytics.

Besides selecting good analysis methods, writing clean algorithms and developing end user software to put analytics to use, we consult on the appropriate hardware choice for crunching your numbers and hosting your analysis software.